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István KAMARÁS  DSc, Dr. Habil (1941) graduated from the University of Budapest (ELTE) in Hungarian Literature, Library Science, and Sociology; 1968-85: worked for National Library as head of the department of the sociology of reading);  1985-90: was an empirical researcher in the sociology of religion for the Institute for Cultural Studies; 1990-95: was a research and development staff member for the National Institute of Education (in charge of ethics, religious studies and a combination of „human studies”); 1996-99: has been a professor at the Janus Pannonius University of Pécs, teaching courses in philosophy, anthropology, sociology of arts and religion; since 1999 has been an professor in Pannon University of Veszprém. In 2001 he founded the new subject, the Knowledge about Human, Society and Ethics. 2002-2004: the head of the department of Anthropology and ethics. Working on establishing of department of religious study and ethics.  His main research interests are: the reception of art and literature, the priest’s role, Catholic rectory activities, catholic renewal movements, and new religious movements. He has published numerous books on the sociology of culture, arts and religion. He has written radio-plays, novels, short stories, children books as well. At 1998 his children book won the price of the Children Book of the Year.




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